L Blend Tongue Twisters

L Blend Tongue Twisters

These ESL L Blend Tongue Twisters help students master American English Pronunciation. Students can listen to audio lessons and practice. These tongue twisters use words that start with bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, and sl.

by Christopher Rudolph © 2011

Blindfolded blowfish blatantly blowing blue blithering blobs blissfully. 


Clever clapping clowns clumsily climbing clattering cliffs clandestinely.


Flamboyant floating flamingos fluently flaunting flashy flowers flirtatiously.


Glamorous glaring gladiators gladly glancing gloating gluttons gloriously.


Plumed plump plumbers pleasantly plugging plastic plutonium pliantly.


Sloppy slovenly sloths sluggishly slapping sleazy slimeballs slowly.


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