R Blend Tongue Twisters

R Blend Tongue Twisters

These ESL R Blend Tongue Twisters help students master American English Pronunciation. Listen to audio lessons and practice saying R Blend tongue twisters. These Tongue Twisters teach students to say br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr words.

by Christopher Rudolph © 2011

Brainless brawny brats brashly breaking briny breadsticks brazenly.


Cranky craven creeps crudely cracking crimson crypts criminally.


Drooling draconic dragons droopily dripping dreaded drizzle drearily.


Frenzied frenetic freaks frantically frying frizzled fritters frequently.


Grimy grumpy gremlins greedily grabbing greasy griddlecakes gruesomely.


Prancing praying profits prematurely predicting prodigious proclamations pretentiously.


Transient transcendental tramps traitorously trafficking trashy trinkets trickily.


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